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Sue Faethe-Eng President Trumps right, if your NOT feeling sick then why get tested ? He’s exactly right if you have symptoms go get tested there is enough tests. Everyday testing for every Person is Ridiculous. Why are the reporter always on attack ?so disrespectful !

Debbie Levine Pls help us in Illinois!! Our dictator keeps pushing the goal posts and recovery, now it's maybe June for phase 3... He wants his bailout at all costs. Who holds these people accountable ( obviously not us or our reps), our state legislature hasn't met since March..

Sharon Jacobs We are not South Korea. But are a lot larger population than South Korea. How he can stand up there and say such (I am going to be polite) unreasonable statements. It is so scary that he just doesn’t get it.

Rusty Owens Death - Dead :  Rusty Owens Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown

Rusty Owens Deaths-Dead  / Obituary :  Rusty Owens may have passed away.

Dj Amanda Blaze Death - Dead :  Dj Amanda Blaze Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown

Ray Blackwood Deaths-Dead  / Obituary :  Ray Blackwood of brighton may have passed away

Joan Crawford Deaths-Dead  / Obituary : Joan Crawford may have passed away

James R. Jordan Deaths-Dead  / Obituary : James R. Jordan, Michael Jordan dad may have passed away

Justin Richards Deaths-Dead  / Obituary : Justin Richards may have passed away.

Jonathan Pierce Death - Dead :  Jonathan Pierce Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown

Rapper Nick Blixky Death - Dead :  Nick Blixky Obituary : Shot and Killed in Brooklyn .

Randy Byford Death - Dead

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