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Thick millions set in motion an advertising machine, a flock of raging journalists competing in flattery, or star casts influence the sale of large American productions. In this case it is different, although the cast of the film may bother, the real success of the film is its implementation. "Benjamin Button" successfully defended the position of the most interesting film of the last few months and left behind the youth "Twilight", the melodramatic "Road to Happiness" or the Polish "Włatców móch".


How best to present Benjamin's abstract story and can such a story reach the viewer? This epic tale perfectly tackles the problem of transience. The director made this song a sad, but not tragic tale. We are passing away, but it meets each of us and the only thing we can do about it is to live our lives as best as possible. You may be angry, like a mad dog, that it happened so fate, you can curse, curse destiny, but when the end comes, you must give up. The extraordinary story of an abandoned child who is born ugly and wrinkled, abandoned by parents on the threshold, as it turns out, in a retirement home.


In fact, it is a story about a "law" normal person who experiences a period of rebellion, love, joy and sadness. Almost because he is younger, instead of getting older and as a young boy he looks like roommates. The story forces the audience to delve into the problem, to empathize with the hero's situation. And although we do not directly experience the tragic situation of Benjamin Button, we are able to follow his thinking. Top Streaming Sites Why does this movie attract millions? Because it's different. It can't be said that it is not flashy, but it has something that touches everyone. People don't go to the cinema for Pitt or Blanchett, but to see a miracle or fairy tale for adults. It is hard not to notice the similarity of Fitzgeraldowski "Button" to Andersen's "Girl with matches". And just as Andersen takes the role of a moralizer in my fairy tale, so do Fitzgerald and Fincher.


The splendor adds an extraordinary background to the action: the old and destroyed Benjamin's house, a cutter, a French hotel and the magical situation in the hospital.


In fact, the very idea of ​​passing on Button's story would be enough to attract a large number of fans. Mother's conversation with her daughter on her deathbed in the face of an approaching hurricane, confession - although it sounds melodramatic, it really arouses admiration.


After almost three hours of projection and a moment of weariness, I think it was worth seeing such a brilliant but sad story. I don't know when I will see an equally dramatic film about real problems in such a fairy tale story again.


And finally, with the words of Benjamin Button: We are all going in one direction, only different ways, that's all. .


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